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Pat Benson Boxing Academy is a highly successful boxing gym that hosts state of the art facilities and has coached hundreds of young people to regional and national titles, with a history stretching back to 1930. World title challengers such as Mathew Macklin and Frankie Gavin began their Journeys of success with Pat Benson Boxing Academy (formerly known as Small Heath Amateur Boxing club). The boxing accolades of the club are extensive, having impacted positively on many people’s lives, instilling key qualities such as discipline, confidence and self-belief.

Embedding such values is paramount to the gyms ethos, as can be seen through the extensive work the gym has done within the community, offering various programmes that have specifically targeted those in need, the disadvantaged, and offenders, so as to equip individual’s with the key skills needed for them to make positive choices in their lives.

Pat Benson Boxing Academy has also delivered several government and lottery funded community projects that have been highly successful; Including working with communities against gun and knife crime, funded by the Home Office, and currently working alongside BBC’s Children in Need with underprivileged children.

The efforts of Pat Benson, the founder of Pat Benson Boxing academy, were particularly recognised in 2010 when he won the BBC West Midlands regional unsung sporting hero award, a testimony to the ongoing efforts and hard work that is put in daily at the club.

Learners will be based in an environment disassociated with mainstream education. The gym facilities will be utilised on a daily basis, embedded within pupil’s daily timetables so as to give a real focus both on academia and personal development. We believe that offering a timetable that combines studying with physical activity will greatly benefit the pupils we work with.

As well as the physical benefits that exercise can bring, it is scientifically proven that regular exercise can combat against stress and mental health issues, increase the brains production of Dopamine (a chemical necessary for feelings of happiness and pleasure), and can help to reduce fatigue. These attributes complement what is required in the classroom in order for effective learning to take place, and will allow students to come to class more focused, energetic, and with a positive mental attitude.

Whilst working within the community, Pat Benson Boxing academy has worked alongside several Pupil referral centres and local schools, offering self-development programmes, young leader qualifications, and boxing certifications. Many of these schools have communicated that there are a rising number of pupils within schools who have become apathetic within mainstream education and are failing to reach their underlying potential.

At Pat Benson Boxing Academy, we have the capabilities, facilities and approach to work alongside schools to alleviate this problem and help to reintegrate pupils back into an educational system more suited to them. Offering a specialist educational facility, we have a purpose built classroom to engage young learners and offer various qualifications that will form a solid foundation for learners to continue to build upon as they progress throughout their studies. Our staff team have worked extensively with young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties and are competent in dealing with the varying challenges that they may present.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a safe, welcoming learning environment.
  • To work alongside schools and parents in an attempt to reintegrate disengaged students back into an education that pupil’s care about and invest in.
  • To improve punctuality and attendance.
  • To meet the varying needs of each pupil, providing individual learning plans for each student, allowing pupils to know what exactly is expected of themselves and staff.
  • To provide a diverse curriculum that will offer a solid foundation for learners to progress successfully into post 16 education/ apprenticeships/ working life.
  • To provide a unique educational facility, where physical activity is embedded into the timetable on a daily basis, benefitting the pupils both physical and mental well-being.
  • To increase awareness of the diverse cultures and communities found within Birmingham.
  • To improve behaviour through effective implementation of behaviour strategies.
  • To improve academic achievement.

Our Ethos

At Pat Benson Boxing Academy our learners will go through a transformative process, pushed to their limits both physically and mentally, where staff encourage and support students to perform to the best of their abilities on a daily basis.

We endeavour to offer subject content in an engaging way, encouraging pupils to become independent learners, self-reliant upon themselves. Such qualities will be mirrored throughout the boxing training that will be delivered to pupils on a daily basis in an attempt to further strengthen character and resolve.

Pupils will leave Pat Benson Boxing Academy having matured into resilient, confident young adults with an appreciation and respect for the diverse cultures and communities found within our city; having also gained qualifications that will bolster pupil’s credentials and give them real opportunities to be successful in their own chosen paths.

Students will be able to look back with pride with what they have achieved both academically and physically, through their own hard work and dedication at our club.

Boxing Certificates

  • Preliminary
  • Standard
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


Young Leaders Awards

England Boxing Tutors Course

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