Strength room investment

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Sita SUEZ has provided the Pat Benson Boxing Academy with £19,000 worth of funding to invest in our weights and strength area. It has allowed us to develop a space that can be used to achieve various outcomes, benefiting the community as a whole, as well as young people and adults who require intervention through sport and boxing.

The investment has enabled us to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, with a life span of over 10 years, meaning the impact will affect the lives of over 12,500 people.

The weights and strength room is a vital part of our overall sports and exercise programme, which has a variety of social and community aims.


  • Young people learn about nutrition, strength and conditioning
  • The equipment is used as part of our early intervention programme with disaffected children and young people
  • A majority of schools and young people questioned in our stakeholder survey responded that the weights room was either an important or vital part of our programme and engages young people onto the project
  • 98% of participants who compete for our club, said the equipment is important or very important in their training programme
  • A majority of our Mind Fit attendees said our weight and cardio training equipment had a positive impact on levels of mental and physical wellbeing