University and college boxing

“These are really good facilities: a good weights area and really good coaches. I think a lot of people who have quite a big workload find it a good relief for their stress.”

Elisha Whelan
University of Birmingham Boxing Club


Promoting the sport of boxing in universities, providing students with access to top class boxing facilities and professional boxing coaches. University boxing clubs facilitated by Pat Benson Boxing Academy are open to students of all abilities and offer a high level of support to improve physical and mental wellbeing.


We build a strong relationship with each university and college, working with the elected student committee so that they can generate funds. This model of self-funding creates sustainable, well-supported clubs.

We work with students and university departments to run boxing clubs at the University of Birmingham and Aston University, offering support at every level, from beginners’ fitness training and stress management to competitive squad level.

As well as learning boxing techniques from our professional coaches at each weekly session, students can also do circuit training and take advantage of our fully equipped gym. Whilst around 90% of students who join their University Boxing Club box to keep fit and as a way to relieve stress, we find that around 10% want to carry on to box at a competitive level, and we encourage those who do by giving them access to further sessions and professional boxing qualifications.

University Box Cup

“’Pat Benson Boxing Academy is determined to create a competitive pathway for University and College students, particularly novice boxers who, otherwise, would not normally compete in our great sport. To increase these chances, PBBA has created the very first international Box-Cup, aimed purely at higher and further education students.”

Paddy Benson
Chief Executive

In April 2019 Pat Benson Boxing Academy was very proud to present the inaugural University Box Cup, held at the University of Birmingham and open to students from universities from all over the UK. Our Aston and Birmingham participants won two silver and two bronze awards and the event overall was hailed as a success. This will be an annual event and we look forward to expanding bout categories to make the Box Cup even bigger and better for years to come.

Loughborough University Boxing Team enjoying their successful weekend at the University Box-Cup 2019


  • Boxing now an official sport at two prestigious Birmingham universities
  • University of Birmingham Boxing Club sessions average 50 participants per session
  • Founded the University Box Cup, with national support and coverage