Alternative Provision

Marcus and the team at Pat Benson Boxing Academy, thank you so much for the work done with Riyadh over the last 12 weeks. He has settled into his school work and applied himself to his betterment and achieved a rating in school just below head boy and for King Edwards Grammar, that’s an achievement for any young man. The work done by yourself and your team of mentors was outstanding and enabled him to focus and achieve his short-term goals. it is hoped that he can keep his focus through to his GCSEs. Thank you very much for your support.

Clive Loftman
Fox Hollies Family Support Team


The Alternative Provision programme is for young people who are on the verge of being excluded from school.We work in partnership with schools and families to build a programme based on a young person centred approach with a tailored approach design for individuals.

We work as part of a multi agency to tackle school exclusions, truancy and assist our young people with the skills and challenge mindsets to embed a positive approach, aiming to help them maintain in alternate education or transition back into mainstream school.

Designed to help improve participants’ general behaviour and attitude, the programme engages students in a varied fitness programme that offers focus, structure and discipline.
Children and young people aged 11-19 spend one day a week with the Pat Benson Boxing Academy, every week, on a 12 week programme.

A day on our alternative provision programme involves our young people spending time on a full fitness programme, leading to a [qualification/certificate]. They engage in tailored mentoring sessions, which is made up of six hours throughout the 12 week programme, where they work one-to-one with their qualified coaches to receive personalised support.

Many of the young people on this programme have learning difficulties or behavioural disorders, the day is carefully structured and tailored to each participant to help them maintain interest and learn in a way that is most beneficial to them. The overall aim is to motivate and empower young people to learn, improve their behaviour and attitude, reduce truancy and exclusion from school.


  • To support and engage pupils between the ages of 11 and 19 (year 7 upwards) who are at risk of exclusion
  • To improve behaviour and attitude, and reduce truancy
  • To re-engage young people who do not attend school regularly back into a structured provision