Award in active in adversity

Mind fit – Award in active in adversity – Welcoming organisation

We were encouraged to apply for ‘welcoming organisation – Active in adversity awards’, which we went ahead and nominated our MindFit programme for. World Mental Health Day 2020, the organisation was announced the Winners for the award,  which has highlighted the amazing work we deliver on Mindfit which is our physical and mental wellbeing programme, that has successfully grown since 2016.

Delivered on a Monday and Thursday morning, Mind Fit has developed into a strong and recognisable brand as many of our members state that they had heard about MindFit from a variety of different organisations. As the programme is so well recognised now, we are excited at what the future holds with a provision such as Mindfit and what this means for the organisation and people in need of a programme that has had such an impact on the lives of those we have served.